Funny Fort

My adventure through my 20's

Barrio Queen

on May 13, 2014



Before I even got to Scottsdale, AZ I decided I needed to get some authentic Mexican food. I figured being that close to Mexico I could get some awesome food. I was right! Mike and I were walking around when we came across this amazing smell. We followed our noses straight to Barrio Queen. The smells coming from this restaurant were so delicious that we had to go in and try the food. This is the best Mexican food I have ever eaten! Everything I tried was delicious! They make the perfect margarita (which is always a huge plus!) and they have the most choices of tequila I’ve ever seen. And if you finish your meal, and still have room for dessert, I highly recommend the Tres Leches. I wish there was a picture of it (It looked just as good as it tasted), but it tasted so good that Mike and I devoured it before I had a chance to take a picture.

If you like Mexican food, and you’re in the Scottsdale area, you will not be disappointed- try this place out! 🙂


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