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62 Days Until Relaxation

on March 3, 2014

ImageIn 62 days I will be flying out to sunny Arizona for a week of much needed relaxation! I’m sure my boyfriend is tired of hearing about this (he gets a countdown update every other day) so I figured I would share my excitement with all of you. I haven’t been on vacation in about three years (and that one wasn’t very relaxing) so this one has me really excited. As long as there are no haboobs it should be a nice relaxing week. I may have a heart attack if I see one heading my way. Besides needing a break from work, let me explain why I’m so excited for this vacation.

The last vacation I was on was a road trip down to Alabama to visit my step mom’s sister. We had 8 days to drive from central New York to Alabama, make a stop in South Carolina, and then get back to the Boston area. I was excited to go see parts of the country I had never seen before and never thought about the timeline, or how hot it would be down south in August. Most of this vacation was spent in the car wrapped up in a blanket (my step mom liked to have the A/C on really cold) or cooling off in malls. I have never been to so many malls in one week in my entire life. The thing I was most excited to do on this vacation was to visit Nashville. Between waiting for my step mom’s sister & family so we could leave, them not wanting to go sight seeing or do anything touristy, and the temperature being over 110 degrees (at like 5 pm) we barely saw anything in Nashville. That bummed me out.

Then, on one of the days driving along a highway in Alabama we got hit by an RV. Apparently they will rent an RV to anyone with a license. There’s something about looking out your window and realizing, “Oh shit they’re going to hit us!” that really ruins a vacation. Luckily, I screamed that thought out loud and my step mom stepped on the gas so they only ended up hitting the back side of their SUV. Now you would think that this would be the worst part of the vacation, and in a way it is, but one event happened that almost made it a runner up.

After watching an RV drive towards my face I had some anxiety. When we were about to cross the George Washington Bridge an 18 wheeler almost squashed us into the jersey barrier. After you have already been hit once, watching an 18 wheeler get way too close to your car when there’s nowhere to go freaks you out even more. Needless to say after this I was a nervous wreck. To this day I still have anxiety around big trucks. Around half of our vacation was spent rushing around or driving. But it wasn’t all bad. The most fun I had was in Lynchburg, TN at the Jack Daniel’s distillery. That was the most fun tour I’ve ever been on. And it really helped that the heat was bearable. Even though there were some fun times during that vacation, when I got back I felt like I needed a vacation from my vacation.

After reading this I think you can understand why I’m excited to be flying somewhere, and also that we only have one set plan for the week. I’m looking forward to lounging by the pool and thoroughly enjoying the time off that I have! 

If you have any crazy vacation stories I would love to hear about them 🙂 

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