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It’s the Little Things


Every once in awhile an event happens that will stop you in your tracks and really make you think. This happened to me today when I found out that my teenage cousin’s best friend’s mother (now that’s a mouthful) passed away from cancer (her second time having it). This news stopped me in my tracks and really got me thinking about a lot of different things.

Cancer is a terrible disease. I’ve known so many people that have battled it. But with this terrible tragedy happening, I realized how lucky my friends were. In 5th grade my best friend’s mom found out she had breast cancer. We knew exactly what was going on, and how sick she was, but we never talked about things possibly taking a turn for the worst. We just talked about how one day things would get back to normal, and until then we would help out around the house and just try to make everything easier for her. And in the end everything got better. To this day she has battled cancer twice, and kicked its ass both times.

A couple of years later, another one of my friends found out that her mother has a brain tumor. That was probably the scariest thing I experienced. We never knew when she would have a stroke, and if she did have one we never knew if she would ever be OK. This battle went on longer than any of us would have liked, but in the end she was just fine. She was the same woman she had always been. And now she’s around to experience her wonderful grandchild.

There were other people I knew that had battled different types of cancer, but the only one I had known that didn’t defeat it was my grandmother. I was only 5 so I thought it was just because she was old (I also thought there were Kleenex tissues in boobs because I couldn’t understand the concept of breast tissue). Now, looking back on it, I realize how lucky my friends and I are to still have our parents in our lives. Personally, I have always appreciated everything my mom has done for me. But it wasn’t until I got into college that I realized how much she had done, and how difficult it must have been, and it made me appreciate her even more. My mom has been my best friend and my biggest supporter. There’s something special about a mother and daughter’s relationship, and I can’t imagine how much more hectic my 20’s would be without her there.

Then, I start to think about these girls. They’re missing out on so much with their mother. She won’t be there for the boyfriends, the dances, the graduations, college, living on their own for the first time, etc. Sure, they’ll have their father and a ton of family and friends that will be there for them, but it makes me sad to think of them not experiencing these moments with their mother. At the same time, it makes me sad to think about how much their mother will miss out on. My mom always tells me how much she enjoyed being around for all of that stuff, and now that I live on my own she tells me how much she misses it.

The most important thing that I remembered during all of this was to cherish the little things. At the moment they may not seem like they will make a big impact on your life, but they’re the things that you look back on that make you smile. Today I’m appreciating everything that I have and not paying as much attention to the trivial stuff. Every once in awhile you get that reminder to cherish what you have, and today this was mine.

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Should I Learn CSS?

The Daily Post

Anyone who creates a account can set up a blog or website for free, and we’ve emphasized here, and in our Customizing series at Hot Off the Press, that you can customize a site with personal touches without an upgrade — using features like a custom background, header, and image widgets.

But we often read comments on our blogs and in the forums asking if it’s worth learning CSS, and whether the Custom Design upgrade is appropriate for you. Learning CSS, even if just a bit, is helpful — especially if you’d like to make custom tweaks and have more control over your site’s design. Here’s a primer on what CSS is and what you can do with it, examples to illustrate the types of design and layout updates you can achieve, and resources to learn more and get your hands dirty.

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Travel Ready


My new luggage tag & lock. Can’t wait for vacation to finally get here!

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Are you open?

The company I work for is open during just about every Monday holiday. And every holiday I have customers call in and ask, “Are you open?”  And every holiday I spend all day telling them, “Yes we’re open today.” If someone answers the phone you don’t have to ask if they’re open. The company wouldn’t pay me to sit here and tell you we’re closed. 

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Valentine’s Aquarium Extravaganza


Limited open bar, strolling buffet dinner, penguins, giant tank, and jazz music 🙂 best date night ever!

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Ice Ice Baby

Ice Ice Baby

A school closure announcement rapped to the tune of Ice Ice Baby. This is great!

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Dreaming of a Mancave


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Some Things Matter More

Family-Quotes-11As I approach my mid twenties I’m finally starting to feel like an adult. It really hit me when I was super excited about getting a new vacuum cleaner for Christmas. Then, when I started planning what to do with my tax return money, it hit me again when part of it was going towards vacation with my boyfriend, and the other part was going towards paying loans. My mother always taught me to be responsible with money, so when I get extra money like this I spend some of it on myself and the rest goes towards necessities or into my savings account.

I understand that not all people are responsible with money. When it is just you, or you and your partner, it is OK to be selfish with money and do stuff for yourself. But what really bothers me is when someone has a family and they are selfish with money. I mean, If you already have money, go crazy. If spending it won’t hurt you; go for it. But when you already are low on money, and you have a family to support, and you’re already having trouble finding enough money to buy formula and diapers, you shouldn’t be thinking solely about  yourself when you get a ton of money from a tax refund.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t spend some of it on yourself. Just because you have a child doesn’t mean that you have to neglect yourself. And I don’t have children yet, but I have some ideas for what I would do with my tax return money if I did (especially if it was worth thousands of dollars):

  • I would put some of the money away in a savings account. I know how grateful I was that my mom had managed to save some money for me over the years even when we didn’t have much.
  • I would use some of the money to get a larger apartment so that my child could have their own room. It is ridiculous how much money they ask for up front when you get an apartment. There are a lot of apartments I had to turn down because I didn’t have thousands of dollars to give them up front. So if I had the money, and could afford the monthly rent, I would use some of that money towards the down payment.
  • I would buy diapers, formula, anything that I know I’m going to need.
  • I would pay off bills that needed to be paid. In my case, it would go towards student loans. I was always excited to get financial aid when I was in school. Now that I’m realizing how much it added up to, I’m not very happy trying to pay it back.
  • And lastly, I would spend some of the money on myself. I would spend some on a date night or just buying something I really wanted. I would make sure that I didn’t forget about myself.

Even though I would spend some on myself, I would make sure that some of the other stuff got taken care of first. I’m the type of person that likes to put family first. I will take care of myself, but I will also make sure I take care of my family. Some things just matter more than yourself.

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10 Signs You Have a Terrible Boss

Do you think you have a terrible boss? You might be correct, especially if you can relate to these 10 signs.

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Basement Bar

I would love to have a bar like this in my basement!

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