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My Motivation to Write

on January 14, 2014



When I was younger I loved to tell stories. What I looked forward to most in school were the writing assignments where I would have to write stories. Whenever I watched a movie and a character had a journalism career, or wrote a blog, I would think to myself, “That looks like a fun career.” Looking back, I probably should have pursued this in college instead of business. 

Going into college I really didn’t have an idea of  what I wanted to do. I majored in accounting thinking that I liked business, and by going into the accounting field I would make money and pay off my loans quickly. What I realized going into my senior year of college was that I really didn’t enjoy accounting, and it wouldn’t make me happy if it was my career. I had no idea what I wanted to do for a living, and I wasn’t about to spend even more money that I didn’t have going to college until i figured it out.

It wasn’t until after I had graduated, and was watching Marley & Me for probably the 15th time, that it clicked what I wanted to do. Owen Wilson’s character was writing columns about Marley that he not only made money from, people enjoyed reading and he enjoyed writing them. That was when I realized that maybe all of the story telling I had done my entire life might pay off. I realized that what I really enjoy is telling stories about life and wisdom I’ve gained, and sharing it with anyone that will listen. A message I took from Marley & Me is that even though you may think you know exactly what you want to do, you may be even better doing something else, and you might come to find that you like doing something you never thought you would.

I was at an interview for a marketing internship when it was suggested to me that I start a blog (I had thought about it before but didn’t know where to start). Now that I finally had some guidance I ventured off and started this blog. I’m still figuring it all out, and I’m not sure exactly what I want to write about, so I just write about whatever comes to my mind. This is my new adventure, something I never seriously thought about doing, but it might be something I end up being successful with. Life is too short to do something that doesn’t make you happy.

I appreciate all of you that take the time to read my posts. It means a lot 🙂 What is something that motivates you to write?




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