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Places I Would Rather Be Right Now

on January 8, 2014

While I sit at my desk, dealing with the frigid coastal Massachusetts temperature, all I can think of are places I would rather be. Looking out of the window just gives you false hope about the weather. When you look out it’s sunny and you think, “It looks so nice out!”. Then, you step outside, the wind blows, and you feel like you are turning into a human icicle. So, while I sit here dreaming abut fun in the sun, I figured I would share the places I’m drooling over with you.



It is my dream to be able to vacation in Hawaii! It is just such a beautiful place. It just has to be at a time when I have enough money to take advantage of everything the islands have to offer. I would love to be out there snorkeling, or hiking to a waterfall, or just sitting on the beach with a drink in my hand 🙂


Phoenix, AZ     


Last February my boyfriend went out to Phoenix to go visit one of our friends that had moved out there. He loved it and would like to go back (I would have loved to be in the desert in February, but with the new job came earning vacation time). Since one of his friends still lives out there I’m hoping this can be my birthday present. I need a vacation away from New England, and I would love to go to a part of the country I’ve never been to!





Ever since Mary-Kate and Ashley traveled to the Bahamas in 2001, in their movie Holiday in the Sun, I have wanted to go to Atlantis. I want to go to the water park and swim with dolphins! But I also want to stay at the hotel with the adult only pool. It’s not that I don’t like kids, it’s that I need a break from them during at least part of my vacation.





In college I had a friend that spent a semester abroad in Italy. Luckily for me she took a ton of pictures to share with everyone. The food looked delicious and the architecture was beautiful! The wine looked pretty good, too 😉 I’m probably thinking about this because of the Italian food I didn’t get to eat last night, but I would love to go and just try a bunch of authentic Italian food. I have always been interested in Italy and I would love to visit!





My boyfriend has family in Greece and always talks about wanting to meet them. I’m not sure what part of Greece they’re in, but either way it would be great to go there! I have always wanted to visit Greece. It just looks like a beautiful country 🙂 No matter what part they live in we would need to spend some time in Santorini. I have seen too many gorgeous pictures to not check it out!


Well there you have it. These are the places I’ve been thinking of all day. This has been a great distraction from the cold, and I hope that it helps you if you need a distraction, too! 

Is there a place that you would rather be right now? I’d love to hear about it 🙂

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