Funny Fort

My adventure through my 20's

Day 4: T25

on January 2, 2014

My boyfriend and I started doing T25 on December 30th. For the first three days it hurt to sit, stand, walk; and the stairs up to our apartment became a painful journey. I knew that I would be in pain starting this workout, but I under estimated the amount of pain that this 25 minute workout would cause. I am working muscles that have not been used in a very long time.

Luckily, I woke up this morning and was able to walk without feeling like my legs were being stabbed by a hundred knives. Day 3 had come with a lot of push-ups and planks. So in addition to my entire lower body hurting, now my upper body is in pain. I may feel uncomfortable now, but at least I know that if I keep it up I will see the results I’m looking for!

Now I just have to wait until 5 pm so I can trek home through the snow and get ready for the ab workout that awaits me šŸ™‚



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