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The Christmas Light Adventure

on November 16, 2013

It’s that time of year where it is finally acceptable to put my Christmas lights up. I’m not worried about what people would think about what time of year I put my lights up. It is just so much easier to find what I need in case something breaks. And that was the case this year. 










I moved to a new apartment a couple of months ago, so I’m still looking for some things that got lost in the move. I thought I knew exactly where I packed the hooks to hang the lights (I really should have checked sooner, because I couldn’t have been more wrong). After digging through the baskets under the coffee table I had no idea where else they could be. Luckily, a week ago I found the hooks while I was searching for my winter gloves (I still haven’t found those though). Once i got back from work I was ecstatic to finally be able to hang these lights. I should have known to make sure the lights still worked before I got excited. I ran and grabbed the hooks and lights and set everything up. I plugged the lights in, expecting this bright and colorful display, and nothing happened. After spending 15 minutes checking every single light, and feeling increasingly defeated, I realized they didn’t work anymore.

That Saturday I bought more lights at Target while on a shopping trip. Even though I had plans that night I was determined to finally hang the lights up. I got home, put everything away, and for a second time got everything ready to put up the lights. For a second time I was disappointed when I realized I had forgotten the bag in the car. By this time I had to leave so I decided to wait until Sunday.

Before I ate breakfast Sunday morning I set off to hang up my lights. What I thought would only take around 20 minutes to finish took an entire hour. I always knew my ceilings were high. What I didn’t realize was that even on the top step of the step stool, on my tip toes, I still can only reach a couple of inches below the ceiling. After a lot of stretching, and hoping I wouldn’t slip and fall face first into the wall, my Christmas lights were finally hung!

The holiday doormat is decorating the hallway, the lights are giving glowing color to the living room, and the eggnog is in the fridge. I’ll say It’s a good start to the Christmas season!


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